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Detergents and its Uses

Detergents and its Uses

Have you known any the other uses of detergents, aside from using them for cleaning your clothes? Laundry detergents are often sold at a low price, so make sure to grab one sometimes to use it for other purposes.

What purposes? We’ll let you know below.

We, Sodis Pour Le Commerce, are one of the leading detergent raw material suppliers, and aside from that, we also supply machines and equipment for detergent and soap industry at the present. We can show you some preparation of detergent powder at home or a liquid detergent, which can be used in cleaning all areas of your home, and not just for laundry purposes.

To whiten pillows

Pillows often turn to off-white color as time passes by. You can mix a cup of liquid or powdered detergent with a cup of powdered dishwasher soap, 1 cup of bleach and ½ cup of borax to whiten your pillows and make it look as good as new.

To clean oil spills

Some products purposely made for cleaning up oil spills are expensive. However, if you pour some powdered detergent with a sprinkle of water on these stains and leave it overnight, it will be gone the next day after spraying the mixture off.

To degrease stove

Inside a spray bottle, mix the liquid detergent with bleach and water. This will turn into a stove greaser.

To eradicate weeds and moss

Vinegar can be versatile in killing weeds, but powered detergents can also do the same. Just sprinkle 1-2 cups of powdered detergents in your yard – specifically on the moss and weeds. After three to four days, you would see the vegetation turn to brown from green, and once it has all dried up, you can brush it all away and rinse your yard.

To be an all-purpose cleaner

Using ¼ cup or powdered ( or liquid ) detergent, mix it with a jug of warm five-gallon water and you now have a big supply of household cleaner for your toilet, walls, sink, and anywhere that needs the deep cleaning. This will be less harsh than other cleaners that have a lot of chemicals and also, this doesn’t smell.



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