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Here’s Everything That You Should Know about Ball Clay

ball clay

Here’s Everything That You Should Know about Ball Clay

Ball clay is a type of clay that is used even from years ago – the widespread use of ball clay has been renowned ever since and up to the present time, we can see ball clay everywhere, we may not just be truly aware of it.

Usually, ball clay is a transported and decomposed agent of kaolin. Through several processing procedures, it can become finer and better which becomes a good quality for the manufacture of some products.

Ball clay has high plasticity; the reason why it can give a reasonable strength to a product during its green stage. To achieve better fluidity in ball clay, however, it requires more deflocculant. It should never be tested for color because it can be sometimes misleading due to the absorbed salts in its concentrated state. It dries up slower compared to china clay; its casting rate is also lower.

However, it still has a lot of sues today like:

  • – It is used in the sanitary ware production because of its green strength.
  • – It is also used as a raw material in the production of floor tiles and walls.
  • – If you need ceramic paly pipe, ball clay is also used in its production because of its good shaping property.
  • – It also gives an enhanced insulation property, making it perfect for electrical insulators to keep you safe.
  • – Because of its good shaping property and green strength, ball clay is also used in the tableware production.
  • – In ceramic products, moreover, ball clay is used for it coats the ceramics with a better finish
  • – In the construction industry, the bricks, clay pipes, and even the roof tiles have ball clay


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