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The Major Applications of Sodium Carbonate or “Soda Ash”

soda ash

The Major Applications of Sodium Carbonate or “Soda Ash”

Sodium Carbonate or commonly known as “Soda Ash” can be used in many applications. It is found as deposits on lakes and considered as one of the basic industrial chemicals that are mined in natural resources, mostly in the USA, China, Botswana, Uganda, Egypt, and many other countries.

Mainly soda ash is used as one of the main glass industry raw materials – so, if you are working in the glass industry and you need soda ash, you might need to look for a reliable supplier like us, Sodis Pour Le Commerce. We are considered as the best glass and ceramic raw material supplier but we don’t stop there – we are also renowned for being a good supplier for soap, detergent, paper, and board industries.

And in this article, we will discuss all the possible applications of Soda Ash, which might help you with manufacturing your products. In fact, soda ash can be seen in almost everything that we use every day, like:

Industrial Applications

Since soda ash is a soluble substance, it can be used in various chemical reactions – mostly as a coloring agent, detergent, fertilizer, as well as in enameling and petroleum industry.

Glass Manufacture

In the production of glass, glass containers, fiberglass insulation, and many others, soda ash is needed especially because it reduces the melting point of silica.

Detergent Manufacture

Soda ash can replace the phosphates that are used in making household detergents. Also, there are various cleaning products and dishwashing soaps that contain soda ash in their formulations.

Other uses of Soda Ash

  • It can help in removing stains, alcohol, and grease on clothes – also in coffee pots and espresso makers.
  • It can increase the alkaline level in swimming pools which can help in maintaining the PH Levels to balance the water.
  • It can also be used for dying clothes.
  • It can effectively clean the air.
  • It can soften water.
  • It can be used as fertilizers

Indeed, soda ash has a lot of uses and to ensure the quality of the soda ash that you’ll use in the manufacture of your products, make sure to work with a credible glass raw material distributor, like us, Sodis Pour Le Commerce.


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