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The Sizing Chemicals in the Paper and Board Industry

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The Sizing Chemicals in the Paper and Board Industry

If you work in the paper and board industry, you would know the significance of sizing chemicals. These compounds help a lot in producing good quality paper and yarn that we utilize today.

Basically, sizing is the process wherein the yarn is impregnated with substances that can make the surface of any film smoother and tenacious all throughout the weaving stage. Through this, the film becomes elastic; hence, no problems would arise in the weaving stage.

Sizing chemicals can help in making the paper or surface water-resistant with enhanced printability. The surface can be fine paper, linerboard, ink-jet printing paper, newspaper, and many others.

If you are looking for a sizing chemical, however, you can come to us at Sodis Pour Le Commerce – a supplier or paper and board raw materials. However, we have been in this industry long enough to also provide raw materials for other products – in fact, we are considered as one of the best glass raw material distributors in our field. Also, we give high-quality raw materials for soap, detergent, and ceramic as well.

And we can give you the sizing chemicals needed for your paper and board products. You can guarantee that our supplies are made of the best quality, to ensure that all our clients will be satisfied with our products.

Moreover, a good sizing chemical is:

  • – It is safe for the environment
  • – It can make films be formed appropriately
  • – It is flexible
  • – It has an enhanced transparency
  • – It is durable and tough
  • – It makes the film resistant to bacteria
  • – It makes the film water soluble
  • – There are a reasonable uniformity and viscosity in the film
  • – It can be easily prepared and removed
  • – The pH is neutral
  • – The film will be resistant to abrasion
  • – It can rapidly dry up
  • – And the shedding is reduced


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