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The Various Uses of Aluminum Sulfate

aluminum sulfate

The Various Uses of Aluminum Sulfate

Aluminum sulfate is a chemical agent that is needed for various uses for commercial and industrial purposes. It’s soluble in water and often used as a coagulating agent like in purifying water (drinking water, wastewater ).

Often called as ‘alum’ or ‘papermaker’s alum’, the aluminum sulfate is also utilized in the paper and board industry. In fact, it has a lot of uses and sometimes you have no idea that what you’re currently using has aluminum sulfate in it.

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However, we’ll give you more insights about what aluminum sulfate really is and how it’s used in various industries today:

Household Products

Usually, this compound is in baking soda. It can also be found in antiperspirants because of its anti-bacterial properties. Also, it’s best as an astringent ingredient because it has the quality of stopping bleeding from small cuts almost immediately.

Gardening Products

Because the compound is acidic, it’s often used in soils to balance the pH found in plants. When the compound is added in water, it brings out a solution that alters the acidity of the soil.

Water Treatment

This is the significant use of aluminum sulfate – it purifies water and is perfect for water treatment. The impurities in the water clump together through the aluminum sulfate and settle at the bottom of the container and can be gushed out as well.


Aluminum sulfate can also help in dyeing fabrics or printing on cloth. It acts as the fixer that hinders the dye to run out when it gets wet on the fabric.


The aluminum sulfate affects the size and the absorbency of the paper. An acid-free paper does not break easily compared to the paper sized acid.

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