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Why Are Retention Aids Important in the Paper and Board Industry Today?

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Why Are Retention Aids Important in the Paper and Board Industry Today?

In the paper and board industry, a retention aid is an important substance that makes paper and board still look presentable in spite of having recycled fibers. The task of retaining can be challenging but the demand of it is highly visible because of the fact that it can help in saving costs.

The industry today makes use of the high-speed paper machine and utilizes the technology of alkaline papermaking process. In the retention process, however, requires much attention and details because most companies are opting for this economic choice nowadays.

Retention aids in its essence can improve the fine particles in the paper. It can speed up the retention process; hence, enhances the end-product by an increased level. Another good thing about retention aids is it can make the fibers and fillers finer and gives lesser negative impact on the environment.

There are numerous functions of retention aids. If used properly, organizations that manufacture paper and board can benefit a lot from the advantages of using retention aids like:

  • – Acceleration of the drainage, resulting to higher machine speed
  • – Enhanced retention of fines and fillers
  • – Wet additives will be reduced as well as the sizing usage
  • -Steam usage will be decreased because of the good surface contact
  • – The deposits will be lessened
  • – The sheet breaks will be reduced
  • – The machine runnability will improve and function much better than before
  • – The paper sheet formation will be amended
  • – The brightness of the paper will be enhanced
  • – You will have a whiter and cleaner water system
  • – A palpable downtime for cleaning
  • – Overall productivity

However, you should be wary of the proper amount of retention aid that you’re going to use – we all know that too much of anything is bad the same thing goes with retention aids.

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